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How to report a personal accident?


Claims must be filed in writing within 5 days of the accident or as soon as you become aware of it and must mention the following:


  • The causes, circumstances, nature and dates and place of the accident or death 
  • The medical certificate including the date of the first medical procedure, the detailed description of the nature of the injuries and treatment and any consequences.
  • The hospitalisation certificate or the death certificate
  • The names and addresses of the perpetrators and, if possible, witnesses and whether a statement or a report has been drawn up

You must declare your claim on-line at the site within five days, specifying your policy number

Or by post to the following address:

CHAPKA INSURANCE Claims Management

31 rue de la Fédération

75015 PARIS


+33 1 74 85 50 50


This answer only relates to: Cap Working Holiday France.