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Chapka travel Insurance


In the event of physical injury and material and consequential damage to someone other than yourself, your family, your co-worker or someone you live with or travel with), you must report the claim to the insurer within 5 days by submitting the following documents:

In all cases:

  • A detailed statement (date, causes, circumstances) of the Insured,
  • The names and addresses of third parties and any witnesses,
  • Any document to determine the amount of damages, liabilities incurred or in connection with the third party's claim

In the event of damage to property, you must also provide:

  • The original invoice (bearing the name of the party that suffered the damage) for the purchase of the damaged property and a photo of the damaged property,
  • The original invoice for the repair of the damaged property accompanied by the proof of payment or, failing that, the certificate of the professional attesting the irreparable nature of the damaged property accompanied by the invoice for the purchase of an identical item.

You must report your claim online at within two days, specifying the policy number.

Or by post to the following address:

CHAPKA INSURANCE Claims Management

31 rue de la Fédération

75015 Paris


+33 1 74 85 50 50

You must also:

  • Take all appropriate measures to reduce the extent of the damage already sustained and to prevent any other damage
  • Forward to the Insurer all notices, summons, assignments, pleadings.

This answer only relates to: Cap Working Holiday France.